Tournament rules

1. Eligibility
Authorised are those, who are able to provide a permission to play for the participating club, a community or a representative team, according to the regulations of their home association and the FIFA. The player passport and if applicable a personal identity document (date of birth) is necessary to bring and must be available upon request.

2. Players list
Filling out a sheet containing the informations of your players is necessary. Every team need to bring this list to the tournament check-in at the tournament office on Monday, 9 April 2020.

3. Age groups
Players born on or before 01.01.2001 are allowed to play in the age group U19.
Players born on or before 01.01.2003 are allowed to play in the age group U17.
Players born on or before 01.01.2005 are allowed to play in the age group U15.
Players born on or before 01.01.2007 are allowed to play in the age group U13.
Players born on or before 01.01.2009 are allowed to play in the age group U11.
Players born on or before 01.01.2010 are allowed to play in the age group U10.
Players born on or before 01.01.2011 are allowed to play in the age group U9.

4. Number of players & size of pitches
The U15, U17 & U19 plays on a big picht with 10 field players plus a goalkeeper. The U13 plays with 8 field players plus a goalkeeper on a 70 x 50 meter pitch with 5 meter goals. Every team is allowed to bring as many substitution players as they like to.

5. Playing time
The expected playing time for all games is 2 x 20 minutes. In the halftime there is a short drinking break and a change of sides. Coaching in the break is not allowed.

6. Kick-off
The first-mentioned team is doing the kick-off. The second team has the right to choose the side of the field. The Kick-off has to be conducted by one player only and can be played backwards with the first contact.

7. Substitutes
During the game it is allowed to change players at any time. But the players have to leave the field in the coaching zone close to the halfway line and the substitutes enter the field in the same area. (exception: injuries)

8. Penalties
The referee shall have the right to pronounce the following penalties as a result of foul play, unsportsmanlike conduct or other unlawful offence: - 5-mins-time-penalty (yellow card) - Sending-Off (red card) - a time-penalty will be assigned by the yellow card. If a player is sent off (red card), he is automatically banned from the next game. It is at the discretion of the tournament committee to set a higher penalty. In the case of serious disciplinary offences (also outside the tournament games), the tournament committee may exclude the player concerned from the tournament.

9. Game evaluations
In case of the same number of points during group matches, the the goal difference decides. If there is the same goal difference, the amount of goals is deciding. If there is also equality, the direct comparison between the teams makes the decision. If there is also equality here, the winner will be determined by lot.

If no winner has been determined in the knockout matches (e.g. round of last 16) and the placings after the regular playing time, the winner shall be determined by a penalty shoot-out without extra time. First, three shooters per team compete against each other. If no winner is determined after every three penalty kicks, another penalty kick is taken per team until one winner is determined. All players are eligible as penalty shooters, whether they are on the pitch at the end of the match or are substitutes at the time. No player may take two penalty kicks until all his team-mates have shot.

If a team is late (5 minutes after the official start of play) or does not play, the match is considered lost with 0:2 goals and is won for the opponent with 2:0 goals. In the case of late arrival through no fault of their own, the tournament committee will decide whether the match should be rescheduled. If a team aborts a game, the game is also considered lost with 0:2 and won for the opponent with 2:0 goals. This also applies to gross unsportsmanship outside the pitch. In this case, the tournament committee has the right to exclude the team from the further tournament.

If matches are cancelled due to weather conditions and cannot be made up on the scheduled tournament days for scheduling reasons, the results of these matches will be drawn (2:0 or 0:2). This only applies in case of a tournament interruption, not for a tournament termination.

10. Spare trikots & shoes
In the event of two teams wearing the same trikot colour, the first-mentioned team has to wear appropriate spare trikots or shirts handed out by the tournament committee. The players have to bring shoes for grass pitches and artificial pitches to tournament. It is forbidden to wear football shoes with corny studs (cleats) on artificial pitches. You may either wear round studs (cleats) or astro (multi). In case of a violation the tournament committee and the referee are in power to exclude the concerned player from the game .

11. Raise an objection
An objection should be raised within 15 minutes after the end of the game to the tournament committee. Consequences of the appeal fall to the tournament committee. The committee do not accept appeals concerning decisions of the referees.

12. Acknowledgement of the rules
By taking part in the German Football Festival all clubs acknowledge the rules. Any infringement can cause an exclusion of the tournament. All clubs are responsible for their own clothing and items. The organizer refuses any liable for possible loss or damage of articles brought to the tournament. If you have further questions, please contact the tournament committee.


Tournament rules

Age groups

The German Football Festival is open either for female and male age groups. You can find the detailed classification of the age groups by clicking the following button.
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Tournament venue

The tournament venue with its
really well-prepared pitches and
the nice region of Bad Bentheim
are the perfect places for this
special tournament.
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Accommodation categories

Find the perfect accommodation category for your team. There are various possibilities of accommodation in the different price classes available.
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